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Annie Roy and her husband, Gilles Leprohon, only stopped off at a gas station on New Year’s Day to fill up their gas tank. The couple from Bolvin in Quebec, Canada, also bought a Lotto Max ticket and won the 6 January $60m Lotto Max jackpot.

While at the gas station, Roy called his parents, who they were on the way to visiting, if they wanted to buy a group Lotto Max ticket. His mum replied, “of course!” and it’s a good job she did. Brady Medlock from North Carolina, USA, stopped off to get a bag of ice and also bought a $150,000 winning Powerball ticket.

A week later the family discovered they’d won the $60m Lotto Max jackpot. “My father checked the numbers, and then the chain began. He woke up my mother, then the kids, then the brothers and sisters,” said Julie Boivin. “We are all suffering from insomnia this last week,” she added, laughing.

There are 26 members of the family spanning three generations with ages ranging from 21 to 70. They had to charter a bus to take them to Montreal to collect their $60m winning Lotto Max prize. The family will split their Lotto Max jackpot equally in 20 parts and that includes a couple who are close friends and who often buy group tickets with them.

It’s the latest big Lotto Max win. Johanne Leblond from Montreal won a $37.5m Lotto Max jackpot. Marie-Claude Turcotte who’s also from Quebec scooped a $50m jackpot playing Lotto Max.

They already have plans on how to spend their Lotto Max winnings but want to take financial advice first and “keep our feet on the ground.” Early retirement and buying a truck are among their initial ideas but others will just lighten their workload. Last year a syndicate of truck drivers from New York State, USA, won a $1m Powerball prize. Canadian Bruce Osmond retired from his truck driving job after his $1m Lotto 6/49 win.

Julie Boivin is a teacher and went back to work despite her big Lotto Max win. I thought I was behaving normally but apparently not. When my colleagues asked me what was up, I told them and they were all very happy for me,” she said.

Their winning numbers were: 10-13-18-19-38-47-48. The family are also continuing to buy lottery tickets and Gilles joked that “we may be back again to collect $34m”.

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