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A man from Gatineau, in Québec, Canada, has won a huge $25 million on the Lotto 649 and immediately pledged to split it with his siblings.

Marc Lachance, whose surname literally means “the luck” in French, lived up to his name last weekend when his ticket for the Lotto 649 came up trumps and won him a huge $25 million. The Gatineau resident decided straight away to split it with his family, having shared his life with his brothers and sisters. An Oregon Powerball winner split his prize with his brother after honouring a childhood promise, while a Winnipeg Lotto 649 winner shared her $1 million windfall with her cousin.

“When I see I won, I say, ‘Oh, my brothers and sisters will be happy,’” the lottery player said at the news conference in the National Capital Region of Canada on Wednesday, close to where another Lotto 649 winner claimed his $1 million prize last autumn. He told lottery officials that he has been buying tickets for Canadian lottery games for 35 years, and only now has his luck come in. A New York Mega Millions winner had been buying tickets for 20 years before she finally won $1 million.

Mr Lachance claimed his prize together with his brother Alain and two sisters Genevieve and Christine. The siblings all said that they were quite overwhelmed, with the winner himself telling officials “We just sit and think, ‘no that’s not true, we didn’t win that much money.’”

Mr Lachance is unemployed and cares for his elderly mother, just like another Welsh UK Lotto winner who worked as a full-time carer for his parents before his lottery win, while his other siblings all live in different parts of Québec. His sister Christine was visiting Gatineau at the time of the Lotto 649 win, and it was her that reminded him to check the ticket, saying “If we win, I need to find someone to replace me at work!”

When he did in fact reveal that his ticket was a winner, Christine said that she had trouble believing him until she realised quite how overwhelmed he was. “There was a lot of emotion in his voice. In the end, it wasn’t a joke,” she said, and astonishment was soon spread across the family as the pair of them contacted their other brother and sister.

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