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Bar manager Kevin Piper from Durham, England won £1m in the February 21 EuroMillions Mega Week draw but won’t be going on an ultimate Hawaiian Adventure.

Despite being a bar manager he celebrated his EuroMillions win with a glass of water. Callum Fitzpatrick from Northern Ireland was 16 when winning a £400,000 UK Lotto prize and celebrated with an orange juice.

Kevin, 55, won his £1m in the UK Millionaire Maker but has opted not to go on the holiday to Hawaii. He’s taken the cash alternative, taking his winnings to £1,093,000. That’s just what English couple Trevor and Pat Boyce did after their £1m EuroMillions win turning down a Christmas holiday.

He may not be off to Hawaii, but the bar manager had already booked a three-week holiday to Thailand this month after a busy time working all over Christmas and New Year. Piper is now going to upgrade his hotel and have the “holiday of my dreams”, but won’t be travelling in business class as he considers that a waste of money.

Such has been his excitement over his EuroMillions win, he’s not even had time to buy some new clothes for his holiday and will use the same clothes he wore on last year’s holiday to Thailand.

The lucky EuroMillions winner suffers from hip problems and can now go private and get a hip replacement. Hopefully that will mean he can go back to playing golf. Scotsman Jim Roy bought some new bowls equipment after his £1m UK Lotto win. Rudolf Serna from Indiana, USA used his $1m Powerball windfall to help care for his ill wife.

He also plans on buying a new car, just like £247,153 EuroMillions winner Andy Nabb from Bury, England, who wants an Audi 3. Also, he can finally afford to join a local Spa and will spend some of his holiday working out what to do with the rest of his EuroMillions win.

His winning ticket was purchased from a Spar shop in Durham and he also checked it there. Initially he though his EuroMillions ticket had won just a few hundred or thousand pounds. He even joked about winning £1m. When the big EuroMillions win was finally revealed, he still went to work as he didn’t want to let anyone down. He has no plans to stop working and has even had wins of £71 and £2.90 in subsequent draws.

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