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It was in April 2014 that Englishman Matt Myles won a £1m EuroMillions prize.He loves travelling and has recently set off on a year-long 19 country world tour with his girlfriend Stacy.

There’s been a fair amount of travelling since his big EuroMillions win. He set off on a round-the-world holiday just three days after he won £1m playing EuroMillions and didn’t return home for eight months. That included travelling to see England play in the World Cup, and he used social media to show everyone just how he was spending his £1m EuroMillions win.

Tour highlights will include visits to India, China, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, and South America. He’s particularly looking forward to spending New Year in Sydney, visiting the Taj Mahal, doing the world’s biggest bungee jump in New Zealand and seeing Mount Everest while in a helicopter. David and Donna Hendry from Scotland went on holiday to Graceland after their £4m UK Lotto win. Stuart Andrew Sussex used part of his £500,000 Thunderball win to go on a Disney Cruise.

His girlfriend is an NHS Play specialist, supporting children and families through tough times. She’s taken a sabbatical from that for this incredible world tour with her EuroMillions winning boyfriend. Myles can’t wait to “see some of the less touristy parts of SE Asia like Vietnam.”

The pair won’t be travelling in private jets and staying in five star hotels. Matt may have won £1m playing EuroMillions but he and Stacy will be packing rucksacks and staying in hostels. They’ll be living with a family while in India and that will allow him to improve his culinary skills as he admits he’s “rubbish with spices.” His view is that “real travelling is experiencing real life and meeting amazing people, not having the best free toiletries.” Also planned is growing his hair and “going full on hippie traveller.”

The EuroMillions winner says that “life has never been the same” since winning £1m. No more working night shifts as an electrical engineer. He’s could make investments and believes he is financially set for life. As for the best thing he’s done since his EuroMillions win, that was paying off his parents debts just to see the great look on their faces. A 19-year-old from Michigan, USA, gave all but $5,000 of his $500,000 Golden Wild Time scratchcard win to his family.

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