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A Lotto 649 winner from Saskatchewan, western Canada, is off to a show in Las Vegas thanks to her $1 million and she should be able to get the best seats in the house.

Adreen Nunnelly, from Grenfell in the province of Saskatchewan, won a huge $1 million on the Lotto 649 drawing on February 1st, winning one of the guaranteed millionaire prizes, and she said that now she’s claimed the prize she has plenty of time to think about how she’s going to spend her winnings. “I’d like to do a retreat in Arizona and go to Las Vegas to see Brooks & Dunn,” she told lottery officials as she claimed her Lotto 649 prize. We once revealed that lottery players in Saskatchewan were amongst some of the luckiest in Canada, and it’s definitely true for Ms Nunnelly.

The winner also hopes to be able to use some of her $1 million prize on renovating her home. Another Saskatchewan couple recently won $1 million thanks to a lottery scratch card. She told Lotto 649 officials that she discovered her lucky win not long after the draw took place, but she had to check her ticket several times over until she could be sure she’d really won.

“I checked the numbers on the WCLC website,” she said. “I kept staring at the numbers, but it didn’t register. It was pretty unbelievable!” We can understand how shocked she must have been, especially since her $1 million Lotto 649 prize is quite life-changing. A lottery player from Connecticut recently had that same feeling of disbelief when he won $360,000 on a a Gold Premium Play scratch card.

The Saskatchewan winner took a while to come forward, just like a Toronto Lotto Max winner of $30 million, and explaining why she took so long to reveal herself as a winner, Ms Nunnelly said that she wanted to surprise her son but in the end, she couldn’t resist sharing the good news. “I kept it to myself for a couple of months because I wanted to go to Calgary for Easter and surprise my son with the news,” she told lottery officials. “I ended up telling him about the Lotto 649 win already, but I’m still going to visit and celebrate with him.” A couple from British Columbia succeeded in keeping their Lotto 649 win a secret from their children, letting them find out in the news!

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