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A lucky dip ticket won Ken Wedgeworth from Derbyshire, England a £1,055,923 EuroMillions prize in the draw held on November 22, 2016. It’s certainly changed his life and allowed him to experience some of his personal dreams.

The 67-year-old purchased his winning EuroMillions ticket from his local Morrisons store in Swadlincote. Bread, milk and a lottery ticket was his shopping list that day but he got a lot more than he bargained for.

His EuroMillions win also included a New York Christmas shopping spree, and he took the cash option, hence his £1,055,923 prize. English couple Trevor and Pat Boyce won a £1.07m EuroMillions prize but opted not to go to see Santa. John Edmonds from Scotland did also go on a luxury holiday which was part of his £1m EuroMillions win.

Ken had been a regular buyer of EuroMillions tickets but it was the Millionaire Maker code that won him his big prize. He was concerned that he’d misread the numbers and letters and had to check them a few times before convincing himself he’d won. Shaheen Rashid from Scotland nearly ripped up her £1m winning EuroMillions ticket before checking the raffle code.

The lucky EuroMillions winner spent 25 years in the British army and rose to the rank of Sergeant-Major. He admits that “it took a while to get my head around having such a vast amount of money” and still has to pinch himself every now and then. His EuroMillions win has changed his outlook on life but he hopes that it hasn’t changed him as a person. “I am still the Ken everyone knows,” he joked. He’s met other lottery winners and says, “they knocked my socks off with their help and advice.”

He still drives his Renault Captur but has bought an open plan bungalow which helps him as he suffers from a bad hip and for him the bungalow is a “great blessing.” The EuroMillions winner may not have gone to New York but he will be fulfilling his dream of going to the Arctic Circle and see the Northern Lights when they are at their brightest. Matt Myles from England is currently on an around the world tour after his £1m EuroMillions win.

Ken has also made generous donations to charities, helping refugees and Sightsavers. “I want to use the winnings to make the world and the community a better place,” said the EuroMillions winner.

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