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A change in their lottery ticket purchasing routine ended up being their lucky charm for a Toronto, Canada couple who won $150,000 on a lottery scratch off.

Richard Thompson, from Toronto in Ontario, Canada, usually buys a mixture of lottery tickets for himself and his fiancé, including the national Lotto Max and Lotto 649 games, and a few instant scratch off tickets. On this particular occasion, Mr Thompson was busy and so his fiancé Dusa Kmetec went and bought the tickets instead, while she was out running errands. A change in habit also helped a recent Baltimore Bonus Match 5 lottery player to win $50,000 after they changed their numbers, however another Maryland Lottery player recently proved that routine could be the key when he won $50,000 on the Powerball lottery.

Ms Kmetec took their tickets home and scratched off one of them, entitled “The Big Spin,” which she saw immediately was a big winner. “I double checked it on the OLG Lottery App to see if it was really a winner,” the scratch off player said. “I’m used to seeing $5 or $10 amounts on the screen but this time the screen colour changed and I saw the words ‘Big Winner,’”

The Toronto woman said that she started screaming when she realised her fortune, but there was no one else at home to hear her jubilations. So instead, Mr Kmetec went to her local lottery retailer to get them to validate the ticket, and saw that she had in fact won a “Big Spin.” “I called Richard right away to come meeting me at the store because I had won big.” Last year an Iowan woman also won on a big wheel themed scratch card that was worth $50,000.

In fact, what Ms Kmetec had won was a chance to spin the big wheel at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission headquarters, and won $150,000. “The first thing I said was ‘A house!’” The scratch off winner said of their plans for the windfall. “we’re getting a house and out of this apartment!” A scratch off winner from Hampshire in England also planned a new house after her $1 million win.

Ms Kmetec also said that she hopes to spend some of the winnings on a trip to Europe to visit family in Slovenia, and on a Caribbean vacation. Another recent Ontario lottery winner was able to fulfil her dream of travelling to Europe after winning $100,000 on a scratch card.

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