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A woman from Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, was announced as the winner of $1 million on the Atlantic 49 lottery, all thanks to the mess some birds made of her car.

Shelly Campbell told lottery officials that it was thanks to the infamous crow population in the province’s capital of Charlottetown that she ended up buying a lottery ticket. The Canadian Atlantic 49 winner works as a special events decorator, and at the end of November she was working on decorating Government House for Christmas. Recently we told you about a Nova Scotia man who won $1 million on the Atlantic 49 draw.

After finishing work for the day, Ms Campbell returned to her car to find that the city’s birds had “made a mess of her car”, leaving her particularly frustrated. The lottery player then stopped off in Summerside on her way home to get her car washed, and at the last minute decided to buy an Atlantic 49 lottery ticket for the November 25th draw. A Maryland woman was also on her way home from work when she bought her $100,000 winning Bonus Match 5 lottery ticket.

“I’ve got to say that now I’ve probably stopped hating the crows because without them I probably wouldn’t have been here,” she told Atlantic 49 officials as she claimed her $1 million prize last week. “We’re saying ‘thank God for the crows’ now,” Jim Campbell, the winner’s husband, added. A couple of years ago a father and daughter from PEI won $1 million on the Lotto Max game, just six months after they started playing together.

The couple said that after the drawing took place in November, they kept their good fortune a secret for a while, before eventually telling their two children and a few close friends. “It couldn’t happen to a better person. They’re very down to earth people,” said one of the couple’s friends, Irene MacLean, who attended Atlantic 49 headquarters earlier this month with the winners.

The Campbell’s say that their winnings have already been earmarked for certain purposes, including helping their children, investing and contributing to charities. A Lotto 649 winner from Ontario also wanted to help his daughter to buy a house.“I’m hoping everything I do with it will benefit others,” Mrs Campbell said. A Powerball winner from California pledged to help others after he took home $60 million on the multi-state lottery.

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