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We’ve all imagined what it would be like to win the Lotto, and spent our winnings in our heads, and now three lucky couples have discussed what it was actually like when they hit the jackpot.

The three couples are all from Birmingham in the West Midlands, England, and they talked about how they spent their UK Lotto winnings, including new homes and cars, and whether it changed their lives completely or if they managed to remain fairly down to earth.

The first couple were Tom and Rita Naylor, who won £15.5 million on the UK Lotto in 2001 and managed to spend their money on a series of top of the range cars, enough to drive a different one on every day of the week. “I have a car for every day of the week,” said Mr Naylor, who is from Penridge. “I have four Jaguar’s, two Aston Martin’s, a Ford Mustang, and the everyday shopping trolley is the Land Rover Discovery.” An Irish EuroMillions winner also planned to buy a “flashy car” after winning over €350,000. Mrs Naylor, on the other hand, prefers her jewellery and she spent over £200,000 on a diamond ring made to celebrate 10 years of the lottery. A Canadian Lotto 649 winner wanted to buy a new diamond ring after she received $1 million.

Another UK Lotto winning couple were Paul and Marie Kibler from Sutton Coldfield, who won £2.1 million back in 2012. This couple didn’t spend quite so much money on themselves, and they said that one of the proudest things they did was donating to their grandson’s school by buying them a defibrillator, but they did treat themselves to a Rolex watch each. Another West Midlands couple to win big were Colin and Brenda Roberts, who took home £4.3 million on the UK Lotto.

Dawn and Malcom Bosworth found out that they’d won £5.8 million on the UK Lotto in 2015, and recently admitted that they still shop in Primark and Asda. However, the couple did say that ever since their win, they’ve been on holiday around 10 or 11 times per year, and although they do still love Blackpool, they’ve also frequented Dubai and Las Vegas. The couple also bought their four children a house and a car each. A syndicate of factory workers from Bolton in England also planned holidays all around the world after winning on the EuroMillions.

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