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There are so many scratch cards on sale, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Tarea Teasley from Syracuse in New York State, simply chose the one that was colourful and the $350 million Cash Spectacular scratch card won her $10m.

The woman had already been having some luck playing scratch cards and used her winnings to buy the $350 million Cash Spectacular ticket from the Tops Friendly Markets store on Nottingham Road in Syracuse and it made her a millionaire. Kimberley Morris from North Carolina, USA, had a similar experience with two wins culminating in scooping $1m on a $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler scratch card.In Kansas, USA, Judy Knable had a $15 win, decided to buy three more and won $30,000 playing the $5 Birthday Bash scratch card.

When asked why out of all the ones on sale she decided to buy a $350 million Cash Spectacular scratch card, the lucky winner simply said, “I bought this one because of the colour.” Freeman Schlichting from Iowa, USA, purchased what he thought was an unusual looking scratch card and the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner scratch card won him $30,000. Also in Iowa, Jane Schwartz won $30,000 on a Block-O scratch card when there were none of her favourite game left. Welshman Alan Phillips asked a shop assistant to choose which game to play and ended up winning £1m on a £1 million Monopoly scratch card.

Tarea added that she regularly buys scratch cards when stopping off at the grocery store. After taxes are paid, the $350 million Cash Spectacular winner will receive a total of $6,718,000 and she already has several plans on how to spend her massive windfall. Teasley wants to use some of it to get laser eye surgery.

Also, on her shopping list is using her $350 million Cash Spectacular winnings to help her get a Master’s degree. Helping her children and grandchildren is another way in which her lucky windfall will be spent. Marcus Cobb from Virginia, USA, won $1m playing Mega Millions and used some of his winnings to pay for his children’s education.

It may not be the last time we report on this lucky lady, since she has plans to keep on playing lottery games and even had one with her when receiving her winners cheque, though whether it was a winner or not isn’t known.

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