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£2 can go a long way sometimes and it’s just helped Taryn and Grant Hawkes from Newquay in Cornwall, England, win £1m via the Millionaire Raffle in the March 3 UK Lotto draw.

The couple play the UK Lotto draw online and on March 3, Taryn noticed that there was just £2 left in their National Lottery account so decided to enter the next draw, never imagining it’d win her a million pounds.

It wasn’t until March 25 that she noticed an email from the National Lottery and Grant, 41, was certain that he knew it was good news. “I knew this was it. A few years ago, I made a throwaway comment about us winning the lottery one day and as soon as I said it I knew it would happen.”

Previously we’ve told you of the work of UK Lotto advisor Kathy Garrett. Recently Grant read a similar article and thought to himself, ‘I should read this, I’ll need to know it one day’, and now that day has arrived. The couple treated their children to a Lindor chocolate bar to celebrate their UK Lotto win.

The UK Lotto winning couple originally lived in Kent but moved to Cornwall four years ago, so their children could grow up by the ocean. It’s the latest big win in Cornwall after Peter Congdon won £13.5m playing UK Lotto.

Sadly, soon after making the move, Grant fell ill and had to stop working leading to a few financial struggles, but those days are over now just as they are for the recent $20m Australian Powerball winners.

Taryn has no plans to leave her job as a teaching assistant at a local school, while her husband hopes that their UK Lotto win will allow him to retrain in a new career. Scotsman John Doherty continued working despite winning a £14.67m UK Lotto jackpot.

They have already bought a new car but it’s a second-hand convertible. It replaces their ‘beaten-up’ Toyota Corolla that has 168,000 miles on its clock. The couple have asked their children what they’d like, and a camper van is their surprising answer. Recently Welsh couple Colin and Alison Wright bought a motorhome after a £500,000 Thunderball win.

Taryn, 39, says of their UK Lotto win, “This win won’t change who we are, but it will change the way we live and make everything just that bit easier for us all.”

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