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A Leyton Orient fan who won £9.3 million on a UK Lotto lucky dip ticket he bought to celebrate their win split up with his girlfriend of five years just a few weeks before the windfall.

However, despite the fact that the couple are no longer, Paul Long has said that he might still treat her with his £10 million winnings, while some are speculating that she must be “gutted” to have missed out on a millionaire’s lifestyle. The Wickford, Essex man recently moved into his current home after splitting up with Julie West and moving out of the home they shared together for five years in Romford, East London. A man from Wiltshire in England planned to split his £80,000 National Lottery scratch card prize with his girlfriend, even though they’d only been together for three weeks.

The 55-year-old father of three told the local press that he saw his ex on the day that he purchased the fateful UK Lotto ticket and discussed how Ms West must be feeling. “Let’s be honest, if you were with someone and you’ve just split up and they go and win £9 million on the lottery, you’re going to be gutted, aren’t you?” The former partner of a £107.9 million Euro Millions winner was on her honeymoon when he won his jackpot but wasn’t bitter about missing out.

Mr Long has already spent some of his winnings on trading in his old Ford Fiesta for a Ford Eco Sport, just like a Mega Millions winner from Washington who bought an electric car with his $157 million, but he assured the press that he is on good terms with his former partner, and she won’t be missing out completely. “You never know, I might take her for a holiday or a meal,” he said.

The father of three adult children plans to be a little more generous with his one daughter and two sons, but ensuring that they are all financially secure for life. “The future is going to be very rosy, but it’s not just my journey, I intend to take everyone on the journey with me,” he said. A scratch card winner from Washington DC in the USA planned to take her two sons on her journey with her as she put her winnings into savings for their futures.

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