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The winner of £4 million on a National Lottery scratch card at the end of last year, a woman from Hull, still shops for bargains in charity shops.

Melissa Ede, a former cabbie from Hull, won her £4 million on a scratch card which she bought on December 30th last year, when she admitted that she almost bought a packet of cigarettes instead. The transsexual, who had gender reassignment surgery seven years ago, says that she is determined to save her money despite being a millionaire.

Ms Ede wants to eventually be able to build her own retail empire thanks to her £4 million win, so spending frivolously won’t help her get there. “I love charity shops and go at least once a week,” she told the national press in the UK. “My best buy was a Clarice Cliff bowl for 20p, it was worth £700 before I dropped it.” A UK Lotto winner from England became a pig farmer after winning £1.2 million, and also continued shopping in charity shops.

When she found out she’d won £4 million on the scratch card last year, Ms Ede’s first few purchases were a bottle of champagne, Botox injections and a Henry Hoover. She also bought several joke gifts for her fiancée, including a pair of rubber gloves and a pack of Andrex toilet paper.

Since then, however, Ms Ede has become more serious about her scratch card winnings and invested £3 million on the stock market in the hopes that it will provide her with enough return to launch a retail empire based on her own brand, Melissa Ede. A scratch card winner from Maryland planned to start his own real estate business following his second big win in a month. The UK winner currently runs her own YouTube channel which has a dedicated following. A college student from Maryland in the USA also planned to invest his $50,000 scratch card winnings.

The scratch card winner has four children whom she hasn’t seen since she began her gender transition journey, and she said that they won’t receive a penny of her winnings.

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