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A couple from New York have won a huge $5 million prize on a scratch card which they bought to get change for a $100 bill.

William Williams and Michele Conception from the Bronx in New York bought their $5 million Fortune Lottery scratch card from a liquor store in the Bronx because they wanted change. A woman from Scotland won £250,000 on a National Lottery scratch card which she bought when making change for a parking meter.“I needed to make change to buy some perfume, so I bought a Lottery ticket,” said Mr Williams. “I chose the $5 million Fortune ticket because I won $700 on it in the past.” Another $5 million scratch card winner from New York said he felt “very lucky” when he bought his ticket.

The lottery winner scratched off the ticket in the store and said that he was shocked when he saw what it said. “When I realised I won I ran out and told Michelle immediately,” he said. The couple now plan to use their $5 million prize to help out some family members, and they also want to open their own small business, a motor bike shop. A UK Lotto winner planned to expand his business after winning £1 million.

Another New York $5 million winner was a woman from Brooklyn who won $30 on a scratch card and decided to use her winnings to buy another ticket. Amerida Quintana, 64, told lottery officials that she was feeling lucky after winning $30 on a scratch card, so she bought another, a $5 million Bankroll scratch off ticket. A man from Missouri recently won $82,117 on a scratch off ticket that he bought with his $5 winnings from the previous game.

The Brooklyn winner scratched off her ticket while still inside the store in Manhattan when she realised it was worth $5 million. “I screamed inside. I kept quiet about winning. One lady asked if I won anything and I said ‘no, no, no’”, the scratch off winner said. A $5 million scratch card prize was recently won by another New York player, who wanted to remain anonymous after his big win in April.

Ms Quintana plans to use her winnings to help her children and enjoy her retirement. “I just want to enjoy life and not care what anyone else thinks,” she said.

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