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A couple from England who won £6.6 million on the UK Lotto five years ago have revealed that they still spend £150 a month on tickets.

Graham and Amanda Nield won their £6.6 million jackpot in 2013, and they said that they have a feeling they will win again. “Graham has a system using all the popular numbers and he keeps winning all the time,” said Mrs Nield. “He always wins, £50 here, £80, £100 there.”

The pair hope that their monthly £150 investment will pay off, “we both think we’re going to win it again. I can feel it,” Mrs Nield said, adding that even if they don’t score the jackpot again, they’re happy to keep playing as they know that their spending goes towards good causes.

The couple have five children and 18 grandchildren between them, and they enjoy spending their multi-million-pound fortune on their large family. Since winning, they have built their own house in Wakefield, England, and they got married just a few weeks after the UK Lotto drawing which changed their lives forever. A man from British Columbia in Canada recently said he would build himself a new home after winning $500,000 on the Lotto 649, while a winner from Scotland was going to build a dream home for his wife with part of his £5 million UK Lotto win.

After their lottery ticket, purchased from a Tesco store in Batley, West Yorkshire, where the couple were living at the time, won them their £6.6 million on the UK Lotto, Mr Nield immediately went down on one knee and asked his partner of ten years to marry him. Their lives have changed a lot in the last five years, “It changed our lives and left us with no financial worries,” said Mr Nield. “We’re just living the life now,” he added.

Should the couple win the UK Lotto again, they would be beating very long odds indeed. Just last month, a Frenchman won his second €1 million EuroMillions prize, beating odds of one in 16 trillion, while another British UK Lotto winner has said that she is certain she will also win for a second time.

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