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You would imagine that someone who won a £148m EuroMillions jackpot would never want to work again. That’s not the case with Adrian Bayford from Haverhill in Essex, England, and he’s just re-opened his record shop in the town.

When Adrian and his then wife, Gillian, won the EuroMillions jackpot, he was running a record shop selling second-hand albums. He later closed the store just four months after his EuroMillions win but now he’s opening a new branch of Black Barn Records in Haverhill. The store sells everything from life-size cut-outs of Hollywood legends to signed Beatles memorabilia

The 45-year-old has had several business ventures since his big EuroMillions win including buying plenty of property.  He already has a record store in Cambridge that was opened two years ago. Bayford proudly says he has “something for everyone” and unlike most national chains, he caters for what people actually want to buy. His ex-wife Gillian is rumoured to have used some of her share of the £148m EuroMillions win to buy a Scottish castle.

The multi-millionaire now owns the freehold of the Haverhill premises and the new shop, which is reportedly being managed by two of his friends. “It’s something I enjoy, it is something I enjoy being involved with, people like music and they like getting their hands on it,” he said previously.

A friend of Bayford commented: “He has not had the best of luck with his love life so hopefully the new shop will take his mind off things. Adrian has always been a wheeler dealer and adores his music. He just wants to do something with his money that he enjoys.”

It’s not uncommon for big winners to carry on working. £4m National Lottery scratch card winner Melissa Ede wants to become a stage hypnotist. English woman Patricia Aldridge won £1m playing the UK Lotto draw but still worked a 12-hour shift on Christmas Day.

His favourite music is rock and he’s a big fan of groups such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Aerosmith. The EuroMillions winner lives in a £6m Grade II-listed country mansion near Haverhill has an extensive Bowie vinyl collection and a £3,000 signed Guns N’ Roses guitar among his personal stash.

Previously the EuroMillions jackpot winner has also planned to buy a vinyl pressing plant and is the executive producer for an upcoming album from British rock band, Last Great Dreamers.

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