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A lottery winner from Canada who won a guaranteed $1,000 a week for life is set to give it all away to charity.

In 2013, Rachel LaPierre, a nurse who has previously been a Canadian beauty queen, won $1,000 a week for life on the Québec game “Gagnant a vie!” which means “winner for life.” A teenager from Québec recently won the same top prize on that lottery scratch card. She told lottery officials then that she never bought lottery tickets, and wasn’t expecting to win anything, but when she won her $1,000 a week for life, she knew that she didn’t need it and already had bigger plans for it. Recently we told you about the UK’s most charitable lottery winner, who recently died aged 77.

“If I won, I would go ahead with this project of founding a charity,” the lottery winner said of her aims back then. “I had already been doing humanitarian aid for many years.” A man from Ottawa in Ontario planned to give back to his community after winning $22 million on the Lotto 649.

“I grew up in a poor environment and saw misery and sadness. I told myself that if we put it down, if we all made a small gesture, the world would be better.” Eight weeks after winning the lottery she quit her job as a nurse and set up her own charity, called “Le Book Humanitaire.” A couple from Ireland who won £1 million on the EuroMillions lottery had already been running a charity in memory of their late son when they won.

Ms LaPierre’s weekly lottery payment goes into the charity every week, and she told lottery officials that her aim as head of the charity is to make a difference to everyone’s lives. “For example, we distribute bananas to people on the street. When they wake up with a banana by their side, they know we’re here.” Recently, another Québec lottery winner was a couple who took home $55 million on the Lotto Max and said that they would buy better food thanks to their fortune.

The charity provides hot meals to homeless people on the streets of Montreal, has helped a family of Syrian refugees find an apartment and a homeless mother who had just had a child. They have also provided medical care in India and Africa.

“Money is money,” said the lottery winner. “When you’re born you don’t have anything. And when you go, you go with nothing but your memories.”

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