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Sometimes it takes a while for your lottery numbers to produce a big win. Robert Lundstedt from Bridgewater in Massachusetts, USA, played the same numbers for 26 years before he had nine tickets each win $100,000 in the July 9 Mass Cash draw.

Robert just had a lucky feeling, so he had purchased nine Mass Cash tickets from four different locations for that day’s draw. He used his usual numbers which were 01-07-11-26 and 30. In Maryland, USA, Bob Ignatowski waited 45 years before a series of Maryland lottery wins.

The day after the Mass Cash draw he checked the results and the 56-year-old saw that each of the nine tickets had won $100,000.  He quickly called Virginia, his wife of 29 years, telling her to come home. When she arrived, he showed her one of the winning tickets and she replied, “Oh my God Rob, you finally won!” Then he kept throwing his other winning Mass Cash tickets in front of his shocked wife.

The whole family has reason to be celebrating their big win. Before Monday’s Mass Cash draw, Lundstedt gave one of his nine tickets to his daughter, Kirsten, 24, and one to his son Brian, 21.

Recently we told you how Cheyenne Long from Montana won two Power Play Gold Crossword prizes worth $77,000 on the same day. In Australia, a player had seven lottery wins including a $234,437,37 Oz Lotto windfall. In Missouri, USA, Gerald and Norma Rokan decided to buy an extra ticket and it won them a $50,000 Powerball prize.

Robert is a carpenter just like Canadian Leonardo Piazza who recently won $50,000 on a Quest for Gold Crossword scratch card.  He plans to use his $700,000 to pay off the mortgage on his home. His two children say that they will use their $100,000 Mass Cash winnings to contribute towards their college educations. Kirsten is due to be starting a career as a preschool teacher once she gets her master’s degree in special education. Her brother starts his senior year at Bridgewater State University this autumn.

Talking about their Mass Cash win, Virginia said: “It’s crazy how he did this, and it came out amazing. We’re just very happy about it.” Massachusetts State Lottery spokesman Christian Teja said that as Mass Cash tickets only cost $1, it’s not uncommon for players to buy several of them.

You never know when Luck is going to struck, so purchase your tickets now at