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It’s always a bit of a shock when you get a big lottery win and you might need a drink to get over it. For Wayne Martin from Richmond in British Columbia, Canada, he needed a Slurpee before confirming he’d just won a $7m Lotto 6/40 jackpot in the June 23 draw and then travelled thousands of miles to tell his partner the good news.

The lucky Lotto 6/49 winner recalled that “I looked at the numbers, but it didn’t compute,” and then went to get a Slurpee before checking his Lotto 6/49 ticket again. The jackpot winning ticket was purchased from the 7-Eleven on Richmond’s Granville Avenue. It matched in the June 23 Lotto 6/49 draw and was the only one to do so. The winning numbers were 08-11-31-36-41-45. The couple join $1m Maxmillion winner Jeremy Scramstadt as successful British Columbia lottery winners. They’re joined by Robert Scott who had a $500,000 Lotto 6/49 windfall earlier this year.

When it came to telling his partner Sandee Towers, he planned a massive surprise. She was in England at the time, so he didn’t tell her of their Lotto 6/49 win until he met up with her in London where Towers was staying with her two children.

“He said, ‘Remember how we wanted to buy a Jeep? Well now we can,’” his surprised partner said: “I asked him what he was talking about and he showed me a newspaper article about a $7-million ticket sold in Richmond… At first I just didn’t believe him and thought it was a joke.”

It’s no joke but in fact the latest big win in Canada where a syndicate that recently won a $60m Lotto Max jackpot. Also celebrating has been John Wedlock after his $7m Daily Grand win.

The Lotto 6/49 winning family are now planning to celebrate their win by going on an African safari. Also planned is buying a new house and of course a jeep. A couple from Dublin, Ireland wanted a dream house with an indoor slide after winning a €7,384,790 Irish Lotto jackpot in 2015.

When accepting the Lotto 6/49 cheque, Sandee said the couple were both excited by their windfall. “This win takes so much pressure off of our family. We can help our children, savour a slower pace, do more of the things we love and just enjoy being together,” she added.

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