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A man from the town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the USA has found himself with beginner’s luck after his first ever Powerball ticket won him $1 million.

Vincent F had never played the Powerball lottery before when he purchased a ticket for the July 28th drawing, from a Stop& Shop store in Pittsburgh close to where he lives. His lucky ticket turned out to match all of the five white balls in the Powerball drawing, winning him $1 million. Earlier this year a single ticket from Pennsylvania won a $456.7 million Powerball jackpot and a was a mystery for a while, until a trust set up in the name of Emerald Legacy claimed the prize allowing the winner to remain anonymous.

“When I returned to the store, the clerk said they had sold a $1 million winner,” Vincent said when he claimed his prize from Powerball officials. “That’s when I scanned my ticket and realized I was the big winner – I was elated!” A freelance writer from Pennsylvania won $50,000 on the Powerball lottery in neighbouring Maryland but waited until just before the deadline before she claimed her prize.

The Pittsburgh man said that the first person he told was his brother, who he had to thank for a lot of help during his childhood. “I told him, ‘I got you’,” he said, explaining that he plans to use his $1 million to pay off his brother’s house. Recently, a man from Michigan in the USA won $500,000 on a lottery scratch card and gave the entire thing to his brother, who was apparently better at managing finances and would help the pair towards a sound investment.

He also plans to use his $1 million winnings to continue with his philanthropic work, and he hopes to now be able to expand on the work he has done so far, paying his Powerball win forward. “I’m happy that I’ll be able to fulfil a lot of people’s dreams,” Vincent said as he clutched his $1 million cheque. “The Lottery does make dreams come true!”

Lots of lottery winners put their winnings towards charitable work, and we recently told you about Barbara Wragg from Sheffield in England who passed away recently after becoming the UK’s most charitable Lotto winner, giving away most of her £7.6 million winnings. Similarly, a Canadian lottery winner put all her $1,000 a week for life winnings into a charitable foundation which she had already been running when she won the lottery.

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