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A syndicate of 11 players from California, USA, got their August off to a great start when they won $4.9m in the August 1 Powerball draw and the win brightened up a tragic day for one of the winners.

The Powerball winning syndicate are made of up of current and former workers from Northern Valley Indian Health. They have been playing the lottery for four years. Their syndicate leader Emilio Montoya said that each member chips in $3 a week. The lucky Powerball syndicate use random numbers chosen by Emilio unlike the woman from Maryland, USA, who recently won a $50,000 Powerball prize using family birthdays for her numbers.

Their total win in the August 1 Powerball draw was $4,927,915 (before federal taxes).  Montoya purchased their winning Powerball ticket from Duke’s Cork N Bottle Shop in Chico. It was the morning after the Powerball draw that their win was discovered.  Syndicate member Jack Cook recalled: “We hugged, we laughed, and we hugged. And we’re like, there’s no one in the building to tell!” It’s the latest big win in California after Fred Bastardo won $750,000 on a Mystery Crossword scratchcard.

The Powerball winners immediately started making phone calls to other syndicate members. Most thought that they were being pranked by their workmates before finally believing what they were being told. Syndicate member Brandi McFarland joked: “Finally, you just kind of have to believe, okay, this isn’t a cruel joke.”

It’s an emotional win for Sherron Prosser as the Powerball win came on the 12th anniversary of her daughter being killed in a car accident. “I think part of it is my daughter saying, ‘Don’t grieve anymore. You can’t grieve this day, you’ve got to celebrate a little bit,’” she said.

The syndicate members already have plans on how to spend their Powerball winnings. They include buying a new house, just as Donald Coffman from Tennessee, USA, who won $2m playing Powerball plans to.

Other plans include paying off bills or mortgages. A family from Donegal in Ireland are looking forward to a mortgage-free life as a result of their €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win. Some want to go on holiday with their family. Perhaps they’ll go to the Bahamas which is where a €38.9m EuroMillions jackpot winning family want to go after their big win.

The next Powerball draw is on Wednesday with players chasing a $100m jackpot. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a big winner and purchase your tickets online at