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John Poole from Missouri, USA, thought to himself “I could use $40 million.”  He didn’t win the jackpot but did manage to win a $50,000 prize in the August 15 Powerball draw.

The Powerball winner isn’t a regular player, just like Vincent F. from Michigan, USA, who won $1m playing Powerball with his first ever ticket.

It was just a “spur of the moment” decision on August 14 that saw Mr Poole purchase a Powerball ticket from the Casey’s General Store in Monett after seeing that the Powerball jackpot was $40m.  It had gone back to its reset level after a ticket sold in New York had won the $245.6m Powerball jackpot in the August 11 draw.

Poole decided to buy a cold drink and then three Powerball tickets. He wasn’t confident of landing the jackpot as he declared, “I never win anything” but that was all to change the following day. Not that he knew that because he folded his ticket up, put it in his pocket and didn’t think about it again until the morning after the Powerball draw.

“I pulled it out, and the first thing I looked at was the Powerball. I thought, ‘Oh, cool! I got the Powerball.’ And then, I started reading left to right and thought, ‘Holy cow! There is 12. There is 47. There is 48. Wow! There is one number, two numbers, three numbers, four numbers,’” recalled Poole.

He wasn’t sure just how much he’d won and had to wait until his lunch break to discover it was $50,000, the same amount won by “Keep on Truckin’” from Maryland, USA, won in the August 11 Powerball draw.

The Powerball winner swore to himself that he wouldn’t tell a soul. That didn’t last long though and he got in touch with his wife to tell her about the $50,000 Powerball win.  Wayne Martin travelled from Canada to England to tell his wife they’d won a $7m Lotto 6/49 prize.

Speaking about the Powerball win, John said: “It definitely improves our situation” and allow them to pay off their bills. It’s the latest big win in Missouri after Gerald and Norma Rokan had a $1m Powerball win.

The numbers drawn in the August 14 Powerball draw were: 12-15-28-47-48 and the Powerball 16. The next Powerball draw is on September 8 with a $114m top prize. Hurry up and purchase your tickets online at