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Lottery winners and their weirdest purchases

A lottery win can change your life forever for the better. It can also lead to a series of bad decisions. We took a look at some of the weird items lottery winners have purchased in the past.

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Lottery winners both in the UK and around the world have been reported to spend their millions on unusual purchases such as tarantulas, plastic surgery and even an acre of land on the moon.

We’re not sure quite how useful that will be in the immediate future, but a £3 million winner was determined to get some use out of her UK Lotto winnings when she paid for breast implants for her two sisters in order to improve their confidence.

Spending it wisely, or fulfilling a dream?

Many lottery millionaires have put their money into their hobbies, just like Peter Lavery who decided to buy a whiskey distillery in Ireland after winning £10 million. Another British winner spent his money on a mansion with a personalised swimming pool in his hometown of Grimsby, as well as three racehorses and a villa in Cyprus.

lottery pool

Winners have also put money into their local football clubs, hoping to see them become as successful as Manchester City in no time at all. Sadly for one winner his £4 million investment in Livingston FC eventually left him with nothing.

The weirdest and most wonderful fantasies

You might think those purchases are extravagant but compared to lottery millionaires in the USA, you’ll find that it’s relatively tame. One winner built his very own waterpark with their lottery winnings. Another lottery multi-millionaire created his own television show called “Wrestlicious” – where women in minimal clothing wrestled. Apart from himself, the show didn’t attract many other viewers, and unfortunately that show was quickly cancelled.

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