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Huge Lottery Jackpots On the Line After Weekend Rollovers

The weekend lottery draws were dominated by rollovers yet again. That means some huge lottery jackpots in the midweek draws and a Must-Be-Won UK Lotto draw on Wednesday.

UK Lotto Jackpot Has to be Won

Saturday’s UK Lotto top prize was £11.25m but the numbers 22-27-35-40-46-52 and the Bonus Ball 02 couldn’t be matched. The jackpot on Wednesday is £13m and it’s another ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw. That means if no tickets can match the six main numbers, lower tiers will see increased prizes. The last ‘Must-Be-Won’ saw the second prize tier increased from £1 million to £1.2 million after no one won the jackpot.

$448m Powerball Jackpot on Wednesday

There were some great jackpots on the line in the American draws held at the weekend. Saturday’s Powerball draw saw players trying to win a $414m jackpot. However, tickets were unable to match 05-06-45-55-59 and the Powerball 14.

There were celebrations for the holders of two tickets sold in Maryland and Indiana. They both won the $1m runners-up prize. On Wednesday, the top prize is $448m.

Last week’s $273m Mega Millions jackpot was claimed but there was no win in Friday’s Mega Millions draw. The top prize was $45m but tickets just couldn’t match 04-09-42-62-68 and the Mega Ball 07. Tuesday’s jackpot is up to $50m.

Super Sunday

Sunday saw two jackpots won. A single ticket won the €1m Lotto 6 aus 45 jackpot and two tickets both won €102,957 in the Joker draw.

Two tickets both won the second-tier prize of €728,464 in Sunday’s La Primitiva draw. On Thursday, the jackpot will be €8.9m. The El Gordo jackpot rolled over and players will be chasing a €5.4m top prize in next Sunday’s draw.

Will the €118.2m SuperEnalotto Jackpot be Won Tomorrow?

Europe has some great jackpots to be won and the largest is in Italy’s SuperEnalotto draw. On Saturday. Players were trying to win the €117.1m SuperEnalotto top prize but with no success. The elusive numbers were 09-15-51-70-78-86 and the Jolly 17. That means Tuesday’s jackpot is a massive €118.2m (£102m).

£62m EuroMillions Jackpot on Tuesday

Friday’s EuroMillions draw had a £55.26m jackpot but after a rollover it’ll be £63m tomorrow night. Players on Friday were unable to successfully match 17-18-19-24-40 and the two Lucky Stars 04 and 08. Seven tickets won the second-tier prize with one sold in the UK winning £113,240. Three more winning tickets were sold in Spain, two in France and one in Belgium, each winning €176,678.

EuroJackpot Top Prize Rolls Over

There was a €40m top prize to be won in Friday’s EuroJackpot draw. Tickets failed to match 04-29-30-31-45 and the two EuroNumbers 01 and 07. There were four runners-up, each winning €503,234 and another seven tickets scooped €101,492. Friday’s draw has a €52m jackpot.

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