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Maryland Multi-Match win thanks to a full wallet

A Maryland man won $1.2 million on the Multi-Match jackpot after cleaning out his wallet. The lucky winner found out about his big win two months after the drawing.

Frequent player, infrequent ticket checker

The anonymous winner frequently plays the Multi-Match game. He said that he only checks his tickets when his wallet gets full. That’s why it took two months for him to discover his $1.2 million ticket.

The 50-year-old is from Randallstown, Maryland. He said that he heard about a big winner in his local area. However, he didn’t want to jinx it by checking his Multi-Match ticket too soon.
Once his wallet was full, the time was right. Two months had passed, and nobody had claimed the jackpot. It took a while for him to sift through the tickets in his wallet.

The winning ticket had been there all along

Several tickets had won smaller amounts. But only one had won the $1.2 million Multi-Match jackpot. “My heart was beating real fast,” the Maryland man said.

Despite seeing the ticket in the flesh, the lucky man was in disbelief. Attending Maryland Lottery headquarters, he only believed it when he saw his name on a giant cheque.

A dream come true

“I see my name right there. It’s real,” he exclaimed. The lucky winner went on to joke that his Multi-Match ticket was “not a bad investment!”

He now plans to use his lucky winnings to pay off his debts. He’ll take a vacation to celebrate his good fortune. Finally, he’s also going to buy himself a house in the countryside.

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