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Winnipeg Lotto 649 player is a big winner

A Winnipeg Lotto 649 player is $13.3 million richer. He took weeks to claim his prize as he needed time to recover from the shock.

Winnipeg winner

Murray Lewis, a retiree from Winnipeg, won his $13.3 million on February 27. He discovered that he’d won straight away. However, he needed time to get over the shock.
Mr Lewis claimed his prize this week, over a month after the draw date. He said that the reality of his win is still sinking in.

“I woke up in the middle of the night, and I checked the numbers while I was up,” the Winnipeg Lotto 649 winner said. He added that once he realised he’d won, he didn’t sleep any more.
The shock is still sinking in for the Winnipeg winner

The winning numbers were chosen 30 years ago. Mr Lewis has been playing them on the Lotto 649 ever since. He chose them carefully back when he was working in quality assurance.
Before his win, the Winnipeg Lotto 649 player had been planning a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. He’s since splurged on a new set of golf clubs. He’ll take the trip with his buddies as normal.

No plans to change his life too much

Now that the money is in the bank, Mr Lewis said more golf trips may be on the cards. However, he’s not planning to change things too drastically.

“I don’t need anything fancy,” said the happy winner. “Taking care of my family and being worry-free is good enough for me.”

The winning Lotto 649 ticket was purchased from a PharmaPlus store in Winnipeg.

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