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Australian lottery winner quits the night shift now he’s a millionaire

An Australian lottery winner quits his jobs after becoming a millionaire. The mine worker won $1 million in this week’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto.

Things are about to change for the lucky winner

The lucky winner, who chose to remain anonymous, plans to use his winnings to retire immediately. The winner, from Broken Hill in New South Wales (NSW,) says there will be no more night shift in the mine for him.

lottery winner miner memorial
Broken Hill has a rich history of mining. The Lode Miner’s memorial pays tribute to those that have lost their lives.

He won $1 million in the Lotto draw on Wednesday 29 May when his ticket was one of three division one winners.

Just about to check his tickets

The winner said that he was just about to check his tickets when his phone rang. NSW lottery officials were on the phone telling him of his new found riches. He explained that he’d called into a store to check his ticket on his way home from work and that the scanner told him he’d won a prize over $1,000.

“I thought I’d better get home and check my tickets, but I’ve only just got home after night shift.” The Australian lottery winner is a regular player and had used the same numbers for about 40 years.

The biggest win he’s had to date

“They are birthdays and other special dates,” he revealed. “The most they have ever won me is $1,900 so this is a bit better than that!”

A mine worker for 43 years, the Australian says he feels like he’s in a dream. “It’s great! I don’t know what to say. I think I’m still half asleep and dreaming all of this!”

As the lottery winner quits his job, he said that he was going to bed after a long night instead of immediately celebrating. “Bet I won’t be able to sleep now!” he added.

The winning ticket was purchased from South News agency in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

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