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A Lyft Driver wins the lottery and pledges some to charity.

The forty-five-year-old Lyft driver is Kodjo Ayewonou from Roseville, Minnesota. He claimed $1 million after buying a ticket from a gas station in Eden Prairie.

lyft driver wins lottery
Mr Ayewonou is a Lyft driver and has won $1 million.

No doubt this was the biggest fare he has collected since driving for Lyft.

Kodjo was one number away from taking the full $475M jackpot after missing only the Mega Ball in the 4 June drawing.

Plans to send some to his homeland

His win will be life changing none-the-less. Ayewonou plans on giving some of his windfall to charity.

He set up the Ebenezer Charity Foundation in Coon Rapids to help dig wells in Africa. His foundation provides access to clean water for thousands of people in need. The charity also gives clothing to the homeless.

He will also help educate orphans in his homeland, Togo. He immigrated to the US in 2004.

With his new found wealth, Ayewonou can make a big difference to lots of people in Africa.

Lottery winners often say they will take care of family and friends. But Ayewonou has his sights set on helping many more people than those close to him.

He has not said if he will continue to pick up passengers in his Lyft. If he does, it will be in the brand new Jeep he is thinking of buying.

Upgrading his Lyft ride to a Jeep

The Jeep Cherokee starts at around $26,000, so Ayewonou will have money left to add all the extras he needs.

Passengers will get a first class ride if he continues his Lyft gig, but his career options are wide open now.

Another ticket in Michigan also managed to match five numbers and take home $1 million.

Other Lyft drivers in Minnesota will now need to up their game if they want to compete with Ayewonou’s new Jeep.

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