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A life-changing EuroMillions win hasn’t changed this Lottery couple

After a life-changing EuroMillions win a couple from Aberdeenshire have found it hard to break old habits. The couple still hunts for bargains and buy clothes that are on sale.

lesley and fred higgins euromillions winners
Lesley and Fred Higgins are enjoying a new flat thanks to their EuroMillions winnings. (Image: Sunday Post)

No big splurges for the millionaires

Lesley and Fred Higgins won £58 million in 2018 on EuroMillions. Since then, they’ve both retired and moved into a stylish new apartment. However, the couple has said that they still struggle to spend their cash.

The couple revealed that a year ago they used to wait until the sales before buying anything new. Since their life-changing EuroMillions win they have tried to become a bit more relaxed, but old habits die hard.

The lottery win has allowed them to relax… but only a little!

“I am a wee bit more relaxed now, but I still look at things and think “I can’t justify spending that!” Mr Higgins said.

Similarly, Mrs Higgins said that she was recently persuaded to buy a £1,000 handbag at Harrods. Despite having the cash available, the lottery winner struggled to hand it over.

“I did have to have a big swallow before I decided to buy it,” she admitted. “I was always the type of person who stalked a thing before I bought it in the sale.”

They still prefer hunting for a bargain

The couple still can’t resist a bargain, with Mrs Higgins boasting about a jacket she’d bought recently. “It was down to £50 but I wouldn’t have paid the original price, which was nearer £300.”

Since their life-changing EuroMillions win, the couple has resisted the urge to splurge on overseas holidays. Instead, they’ve taken mini breaks in Scotland, their home country. “We don’t really need to buy a property abroad,” Mrs Higgins said.

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