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Lottery winner Adrian Bayford fighting to keep his swimming pool at luxury mansion

Lottery winner Adrian Bayford is facing another set back to his lavish lifestyle. The multi-millionaire is battling to keep the swimming pool and bar he built on his Cambridgeshire property.

No planning permission property alterations

Bayford installed a 13-metre swimming pool and adjoining bar on his £6.5 million mansion in 2015.

adrian bayford novelty cheque
Adrian, and his then wife Gillian, celebrate their EuroMillions win

The property is Grade II listed, and the lottery winner didn’t receive planning consent for the alterations.

Now, lottery winner Adrian Bayford is trying to get retrospective approval.

Eventually, he wants to sell the property and start a new life in Australia.

The UK’s most well-known lottery winner

After winning the EuroMillions lottery with ex-wife Gillian in August 2012, the couple then went on to separate in 2014. His wife moved to Scotland with their daughters, while Mr Bayford bought the lavish Cambridgeshire property.

The couple have not been much out of the news since their win, as their lavish lifestyles are often the talk of the media. Mr Bayford has now said that the EuroMillions win made him miserable.

The talk of the town

Since his divorce, Mr Bayford had several failed romances, started and sold businesses, and became a recluse. He became popular in the local community when he recently saved a local music festival by hosting it on his extensive grounds.

His eight-bedroom mansion and 189-acre estate are now up for sale to enable his planned new life Down Under. Before it can be sold, however, he needs permission for the 4-year-old alterations.

As reported by The Sun, the decision is currently being made by South Cambridgeshire council. Mr Bayford’s agent insists that the work carried out improved the historic building and were in keeping with its design.

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