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Australians have revealed their favourite lottery superstitions – what about yours?

Australians have shared their lottery superstitions when it comes to playing the lottery.

Lottery players have revealed a whole host of weird and wonderful lucky charms.

What are your lottery superstitions?

Some of those lucky charms are things most of us might usually associate with good luck, like a rabbit’s foot. Others are less traditional, such as a bag of cat’s whiskers.

Lottery superstitions are common with Australian players hoping to win the jackpot.

Some of those surveyed said that they wouldn’t purchase their lottery ticket unless their lucky charm was with them.

“One player said they always carried their lucky numbers scribbled on a decade-old napkin,” a spokesperson for The Lott stated. “Many admitted they’d never even think about leaving the house without their lucky charm!”

One strange lottery lucky charm was also revealed by the lottery spokesperson. “Another had collected their cat’s whiskers after they fell out, while one lady told us she always kept a piece of ginger in her handbag.”

Australian lottery record was broken earlier this year

Australia’s biggest individual lottery win was in January this year. A woman from Sydney took home a huge $107m.

It wasn’t clear if that lucky jackpot winner had used a lottery superstition or lucky charm to help her win her prize.

However, she did say that she planned to continue working, and share her winnings with her family and her favourite charity.

Sydney has seen two big lucky winners this year

Only last month another Sydney lottery player won big, and he almost broke that newly set record.

The lucky player received over $96 million thanks to the Lucky Lottery Mega Jackpot draw.

If that lottery player had a superstition, it certainly worked as he said that the pay-out would change his life.

Australian Powerball may break records

The next Australian Powerball draw takes place tomorrow and is up to $100 million. That means the record could be broken for the second time in a year if players keep their good luck charms close.

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