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Karma for Keyworker Anthony Canty with £1m EuroMillions Win He initially thought was only £100,000

Anthony Canty from Maldon in London has been a hero during this COVID-19 pandemic helping others and even saving a man’s life. Now he has more reasons to celebrate after winning a £1m EuroMillions prize in the draw held on May 5 but that’s not what he initially thought he’d won.

Life Saver

The father-of-two has been busy maintaining the water quality for hospitals and care homes in central London. Recently, he also saved the life of a fellow bus passenger while on his way back from work. The 33-year-old hero joked that perhaps now he was due some good karma.

Those proved to be prophetic words as a £1m EuroMillions win was just around the corner and again public transport plays a part in this story. Anthony was on a 6.30am train on his way to work when he decided to check his ticket for the previous night’s EuroMillions draw on his National Lottery app. You can imagine his surprise when discovering a £100,000 win.

The Truth Revealed

Immediately, he got on the phone to his partner, Katie Sullivan. The 32-year-old thought he was joking so he gave her his Millionaire Maker code so she could check herself. Minutes later he heard her screaming but a shock was on the way. “You div, its one million, we’re millionaires, you have to come home,” she told him.

Lucky Lola

Anthony called his workplace to tell them what had happened and then went home for a big celebration with Katie. That involved drinking Prosecco in the garden and it was still only 9am. The night before, they’d bought a miniature Dachshund puppy from their neighbours. They looked on at the celebrations and joked that they were being a bit over-excited at the purchase until the truth was revealed about their fantastic win. Not surprisingly, their new dog has been named ‘Lucky Lola.’

Making plans on how to spend EuroMillions winnings isn’t easy at present. When able to though, the couple and their two daughters plan on going to Disneyland. A new house is on the spending list to, as well as saving some of the winnings for their two daughters. Three years ago, Adam and Amy Pryor from Kent won a £1m EuroMillions prize and used the money to help their sick daughter.

Despite becoming a millionaire, Anthony won’t be giving up his job. “I’m proud of what we do, so I’m definitely not giving that up.” As for the man whose life he saved. He’s told Anthony “’good karma happens to good people’”

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