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Family Help Leads to $1m Powerball Win

We all need help from our family members at times, but they don’t always result in a $1m Powerball win. That’s what happened to Jonathan Gonzalez from Salisbury, North Carolina, USA earlier this month.

Choosing those all-important lottery numbers can be done in many ways. It could be birthdays or anniversaries or just random numbers you hope will win you a fortune. This lucky winner managed to win a life-changing amount but only one of his numbers was actually chosen by himself.

Jonathan was at the Speedway Gas station in Salisbury when he decided to buy a ticket for the next Powerball draw. When it came to choosing the numbers, he reached out to his family for some assistance. He asked his grandparents, sister, father, and an uncle to come up with the numbers that might bring him a big win.

“I had them each pick a number from one to 69,” Gonzalez recalled. “And those were the numbers I played.” Little did he know, just how good their numbers were going to be. All five of their numbers came up in the draw winning him $1m. His ticket was just one number away from winning the $86m jackpot and his not scooping it turned out to be all his fault. “I picked the Powerball number and that was the only one I didn’t match,” he said. The numbers draw in the May 16 draw were: 08-12-26-39-42 and the Powerball 11.

After paying taxes, he will have $707,501. He plans on using some of his winnings to pay off his mortgage. That’s just what a family from Donegal in Ireland did after their €500,000 EuroMillions Plus win two years ago.

He also wants to help his family members and not just because they chose his winning numbers. Last year wasn’t a great one for this big lottery winner. He lost his home in a fire and his family members helped him through those tough times.

The next Powerball draw is on Saturday 30 May with a fantastic jackpot of $125m.

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