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Lottery Strategies that could make you a Millionaire

Just imagine working out a strategy that could win you massive amounts playing the lottery? Several players have managed to do that and not one law was broken, though many had to be subsequently changed.

For thirty years, Romanian-Australian economist Stefan Mandel had a great deal of success. He had 14 wins but how did the man who described himself as a ‘weekend mathematician’ manage this feat?

Struggling to make ends meet in Romania, Mandel calculated an algorithm that helped him win massive prizes. He worked out that if the number of winning combinations had tripled and you then bought a ticket for each of them, a win would come along. He then created a group of investors who would fund the purchase of all the tickets, who then shared the winnings.

His first attempt at this won him $4,000 and he put it to good use. The lottery winnings were used to bribe government officials to let him leave Romania and he later lived in the UK and Australia.

He continued this strategy in his new homes. The wins got larger with one in 1987 being $1.3m. It was a costly method buying all those tickets though and even with that win, he only received $97,000.

It was in Australia where his system was perfected. Previously, he’d had to fill all the tickets in by hand but by the 1980s, a computer was being used. He had 12 big lottery jackpot wins but then the authorities got suspicious and the laws were changed.

American Success

That didn’t stop Mandel though and in 1992 he turned his attention to a $27 million Virginia jackpot in the USA. Seven million tickets were purchased from over 100 grocery stores and the jackpot was won. This time, the CIA, FBI and IRS in America investigated him but found what he’d done was legal. Don’t think you can try that this weekend though, US rules have been changed. Mandel is now enjoying his winnings on a small tropical island situated off the Australian coast.

You need to be clever to work out a strategy that could win big prizes. A group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also enjoyed lottery success.

In 2004, while studying for a mathematics degree, James Harvey began to study the Powerball and Mega Millions draws and then a game called Cash WinFall. A jackpot of at least $500,000 was up for grabs with other smaller prizes. The jackpot cap was $2 million and then the prizes for other tiers would be increased.

Harvey realised that there were good cash amounts to be won with lower odds of winning. He formed a syndicate of students and an investment of $1,000 tripled their money. They and another syndicate led by Gerald Selbee (who’d already won several jackpots on a Michigan game), kept on getting wins. Eventually, the game was phased out in 2011 but what the syndicates had been doing was legal, so no arrests were made.

Millions of Dollars Won

Joan Ginther from Michigan had tremendous success in the Texas Lottery. The statistician won nearly $27m in the space of a decade with four jackpot wins. Thousands of tickets were purchased all from the same store. Just how that was achieved isn’t known for sure. Reporter Peter Murca believes that she worked out the odds of where winning scratch-off tickets might be sold.

That strategy worked just a few weeks ago in North Carolina. Kevin Clark figured that he could win the one remaining top prize in the $5,000,000 Mega Cash scratch-off game. Clark was convinced that the jackpot winning scratch-off card was going to be sold in the western part of North Carolina He went to 40 different stores buying tickets and eventually he found the jackpot winning one.

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