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Birthday Present Leads to $4 Million Tatts Lotto Win

Receiving a birthday present is always a great moment. It certainly was for a woman from Melbourne, Australia as it led to a $4 million Tatts Lotto win in the $20 million Superdraw held on Saturday 5 September.

The birthday present came from her husband and it was in the form of a ticket for the next Tatts Lotto draw. The couple have requested to remain anonymous but, in a statement, said they weren’t regular players.

This Ticket Will Make You Happy

The Melbourne mother said that her husband bought the ticket “on a whim”. When giving it to his wife, he said: “This ticket will make you happy,” never guessing it would make them millionaires.

His wife joked that her husband “must have been in the right place at the right time.” That looks to be the case as the ticket was one of five division one winning entries. In all, the couple won a total of 4,000,013.20. No wonder, she says it was “the best birthday present ever.”

The day after the Tatts Lotto draw, the lucky winner gave the ticket to her husband, saying: “Happy Father’s Day to you honey, this ticket will make you very happy too.”

$13 or $4 million?

A lot happier than she first thought. When checking the results, she thought the ticket had only won a sixth division win of $13. That actually pleased her as it meant a lower grocery bill that week. Then, she looked again and realized another $4 million had been won.

Like most winners, she’s finding it hard to accept that the Tatts Lotto windfall is real. “I won’t believe it until I see it in my bank account. Then I think it will feel really really real,” said the winner.

Finally, a New Kitchen!

Plans for the windfall include taking her family on a foreign holiday when possible. Closer to home, she wants to finally see her kitchen renovated. That’s not been possible due to the expense of the job. That’s all changed now though and the same could happen to you if buying a winning ticket from Lottery24.

The winning numbers in the September 5 Tatts Lotto draw were 02-03-13-32-37-38 and the Supplementary numbers 29 and 36.

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