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Dream $6 million Scratch-off Tickets Win after 30 Years

Patience is said to be a virtue and for Jerry Murray from Newcastle in California, USA, he’s shown plenty of it. After 30 years of playing lotteries and scratch-off tickets, July saw him finally win a $6 million jackpot in the $10 ‘Set for Life’ game. 

The California resident estimates he has spent over $60,000 over the past thirty years. Around $30-40 a week was being spent on tickets. He said that every Tuesday and Wednesday he goes to sleep “dreaming of winning.”

His winning scratch-off ticket was purchased from the Cigarettes for Less smoke shop situated on Elm Avenue in Auburn. It wasn’t until he returned home that he began to check his scratch-off tickets. The first three were losers but amazing luck was just around the corner. The $10 Set for Life ticket was the one that made him a millionaire.

Don’t get too excited

The lucky winner says he doesn’t get “overly excited” and when realizing he’d won the jackpot, immediately sent a photo of the winning scratch-off ticket to his wife. He told her to be discrete about their luck but that didn’t quite work out. Despite being in an office with nine other women, his wife began screaming when realizing what had happened.

Their win has come at a very good time. With retirement looming, the couple were worried about having to downsize. They’ve lived in their home for the past 20 years and moving was the last thing they wanted to do. “This just makes it a little easier,” said the delighted winner.

His big win came in July but the lottery offices had been closed due to the ongoing health pandemic. Finally, he went to Sacramento to claim his winnings. He has taken a lump sum payment of $3.4 million and received $2.5 million after federal taxes were paid.

Spending Has already Started 

Some has already been spent on home improvements. His wife has been busy too, buying a brand-new Tesla Model X car. Other plans include making investments for his children and grandchildren.  That’s something he is looking forward to doing so. “This is the funniest part — being able to help people. I have four kids, a grandkid… that’s the fun part.” Despite his big win, Jerry still plays the lottery every week dreaming of another big win.

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