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$31m Lotto Max winner initially tells wife they’ve won $30,000
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Nicolae Bogdan from Toronto in Canada won a $31m jackpot In the October 6 Lotto Max draw. When it came to telling his wife the news, he decided to have a bit of fun.The lucky Lotto Max player scooped a total of $31,326,517.80 after his ticket successfully matched 10-17-25-27-29-34-38 to win the jackpot. Bogadan isn’t a regular player of the Lotto Max draw but does give it a go when there’s a high jackpot. It’s the latest big jackpot win in Toronto after Maurice de Gennaro won a $60m Lotto Max windfall. Also celebrating was an insurance salesman from Toronto after his $24.5 Lotto Max jackpot win.When he saw the results of the Lotto Max draw he was in total shock. “I checked my ticket three times in total, and each time I saw the same thing – it was impossible to believe,” he said.The Lotto Max winner initially told his wife that they’d won $30,000 but she didn’t believe him. Then he raised the size of the win to $300,000 and she was even more convinced he was joking. Finally, he showed her his validation slip showing they’d actually won $31m. Catherine Kidd from Ireland, also thought her husband was joking when told about a £1m EuroMillions win.Speaking about their Lotto Max win, Nicolae commented, “This win has changed my life and the lives of everyone I love. I really have no idea what the future holds because this was all so unimaginable. I need time to consider what I will do next.”This week has also seen a 26-strong syndicate from Garson, near Sudbury, collect their $10 million Lotto Max jackpot win that they won in the October 13 draw. They headed to Toronto this week to collect their cheque but it’s all still a bit of a shock to them. Syndicate member Nicole Sloan said that she still has "butterflies in my stomach."The syndicate have been trying to get a big Lotto Max win for a couple of years. Plans for their windfall include new cars, new trucks, swimming pools, lakefront properties, holidays, mortgages paid off and helping family members with their education costs.Winners Trevor Gibbons and Kyla Roach have an extra special trip to plan. "We're getting married next summer, and our honeymoon will be amazing!" In Wales, a syndicate won £25m playing EuroMillions using numbers chosen by a player who’s getting married next year.Try your luck at the lottery game and play online with us at