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$4.8m Set for Life Win Discovered While Sat on a Toilet
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$4.8m Set for Life Win Discovered While Sat on a Toilet

A woman from Townsville in Queensland, Australia received a big shock in a very unlikely place. She discovered a $4.8 million Set for Life win, while sitting on her toilet.

The big win came in the 27 April draw. The $4.8 million will be paid in monthly instalments of $20,000 a month for 20 years. Now that’s something for all of her family to look forward to.

Understandably the Set for Life winning family are elated with their win. “Woo-hoo! Oh my god!” said the husband. ““We are shaking! Is this for real?” he added.

What a place to find out you’ve won

Then came the revelation of how the Set for Life win had been discovered. Some watch the draw; others check the result in a shop or on their phone. However, this win was discovered while the winning woman was sat on the toilet.

Their stake hadn’t gone down the pan, instead they were flushed with success. The woman (who has asked to remain anonymous), said she ran straight to her husband with the winning Set for Life ticket.

He just couldn’t believe what was happening, telling his wife “‘don’t do anything, don’t say anything, we can’t get excited yet!’. As if often the case, it took more than one glance at their ticket to confirm their win. Once they had done that there was plenty of time for excitement. “there was lots of crying, screaming and cheering regardless. How could there not be?

It wasn’t a momentary celebration either with the declaration, “there’s no way we’re doing anything but celebrating.”

Immediate Purchase

Sometimes winners automatically know how they are going to spend their winnings. That’s the case here with the husband declaring: “We’re going to buy a new car, today!” Other spending plans for their Set for Life win include holidays and helping their family.

The couple have been playing lotteries for 30 years. Like many, they dreamed of winning but never imagined the day it would actually happen. Nor would they ever have imagined their win would be discovered while sat on a toilet!

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