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$40m Canadian Lotto Max winner continues to help others
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When Tom Crist won $40m in a Canadian Lotto Max draw held in May 2013, the lucky winner vowed that he would give it all away. He’s lived up to that promise and has helped many charities since his big win.Tom, who is from Calgary, Alberta in Canada, had a successful business career and was a chief executive of an electrical wholesale company and admits that “I did very well for myself” and “I don’t really need that money.” In fact when he heard about his record breaking Canadian Lotto Max win, he carried on playing golf with his friends.Despite his many donations to charity, the Canadian Lotto Max winner says it’s not his usual style to get personally involved with the charities he helps. "I tell them they don't need to meet me, because it's not all about me being in the paper and on TV, or so all your friends know who Tom Crist is," said Crist. "I just want to help them and disappear."This week the Canadian Lotto Max millionaire was enjoying a meal of lobster, caviar and porterhouse steak with a nice drop of champagne to wash it down. However, Tom wasn’t dining in a posh restaurant.This dinner was with a young woman who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her final wishes were the chance to see her parents again before she died. They live in the Philippines and neither she nor her parents could afford the air fare. Tom heard about this and flew her parents over to Canada for probably their last visit with their daughter.Delighted at the donation and the chance to see her parents again, she told the Canadian Lotto Max winner that he had to meet them. “So I went over and they cooked a nice dinner, and I got to meet the parents.”“It was tough.” said Tom, who couldn’t help thinking of his late wife who died from cancer in 2012. He does get a great deal of satisfaction from his donations: “It really does make you feel good, to do stuff like this, and you see the smiles on their faces,” said Crist.If you think you could follow Tom’s footsteps in becoming a lottery winner, why not give it a go with us on