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£4m National Lottery Blue scratchcard winner dreams of becoming Mesmerising Melissa
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It’s been a busy time for Melissa Ede from Hull in England, since she won £4m on a National Lottery Blue scratchcard last year. Now the lottery millionaire, who is a member of the transgender community wants to take up a new career as a stage hypnotist.The 57-year-old has already spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery since her big National Lottery Blue scratchcard win. That was spent on Botox, cheek and lip fillers and dermabrasion which removes “superficial layers of skin.” She also had fillers under her eyes, had her brows lifted and undergone jowl treatment.Now she has a new-look, next on her agenda is to fulfil her dreams of treading the boards and becoming a star. That’s unlike a couple from Maryland, USA, who retired after their $1m Powerball win.The National Lottery Blue scratchcard winner was a taxi-driver before her windfall but now has her sights set on becoming known as “Mesmerising Melissa” and has already taken an online Hypnosis for Beginners course. It proved to be big success for her as she passed with a 100% score.Melissa is a big fan of Derren Brown and recently she saw him in concert in Hull with her partner Rachel Nason. Now she’s on her way to becoming a stage hypnotist and posted the online certificate on her Facebook page with the caption: “The first stage of the mesmerising Melissa.”Some lottery winners do end up trying new professions after their big win. Suzanne Richards from Bolton in England wanted to set up her own mobile beautician’s business after winning £200,000 playing the UK Lotto draw. English hairdresser Sue Herdman probably never dreamed that after winning a 1,182,714 UK Lotto prize, she’d end up becoming a pig farmer but that’s what she did.The online hypnotherapy course is run by Dan Jones, who describes himself on his website as a Jediist Mind Trainer for The Church of Jediism. His website teaches “the process of doing hypnotic inductions and how to hypnotise anyone without the need for hypnosis scripts”.Since winning her National Lottery Blue scratchcard prize, Ede has regularly hit the headlines and posted some rather strange videos too involving dancing, lollipops and pizza. She continues to purchase items from charity shops and she has plans to double her National Lottery Blue scratchcard winnings inside a year and has already made several investments.Get a chance of making your dreams come true and play online with us at