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$5 Scratchcard Win Turns Out to be $250,000
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$5 Scratchcard Win Turns Out to be $250,000

Sometimes it is easy to make a mistake when checking your scratchcards. A woman from South Carolina, USA, did just that on November 16. What looked like a $5 win was in fact one of $250,000.

The lucky player purchased her scratchcard from a Circle K in Boiling Springs. A Giant Jumbo Bucks game was her choice and it proved to be a winning one. However, her first glance at the scratchcard led her to believe that it had only won $5.

Am I dreaming?

It wasn’t until her family checked the Giant Jumbo Bucks scratchcard, that the true value of her win was revealed. They saw that it had in fact won a $250,000 prize, far more than at first thought. “Am I dreaming?” was her response to that discovery.

Her prize has now been claimed and after payment of taxes, a total of $172,500 has been taken home by the scratchcard.

The winner may not be that good at checking scratchcards, but she knows how to make the best use of her windfall. “I’m debt free,” she declared and described her scratchcard win as “unbelievable.” Only a few days after winning her scratchcard prize, the winner has already paid off the mortgage on her home.

“I’d never won anything before,” is something that is often said after lottery success. That’s just what this scratchcard winner said though. She has asked to remain anonymous.

Canine delight

It’s the latest big scratchcard win in the state of South Carolina. Last month saw a player win $30,000 on a Happy Pawlidays scratchcard. The dog lover just couldn’t resist the canine themed scratchcard and just had to buy one.

Unlike the other player in this article, this woman knew exactly how much she’d won. “No way, no way,” was her reaction to winning the top prize. She’s not the only winner though. The dogs featured on the scratchcard had won a dog photo contest hosted by the lottery in the spring. One of the dogs, a Springer Spaniel comes from Marion and so does the $30,000 winner.

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