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$50,000 Powerball winner nearly threw winning ticket away
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For ten days, Kenny McGuire from Clarksville in Missouri, USA, had a $50,000 winning Powerball ticket from the draw held on April 4 but then he nearly threw it away.The lucky Powerball winner isn’t a regular player at all, not that you need to be as Richard Wahl from New Jersey, USA, will testify having won a $533m Mega Millions jackpot with his second ticket. “I just buy one whenever I’m at the gas station and I think about it. I’ve bought maybe five tickets so far this year,” said McGuire.Kenny purchased his winning Powerball ticket on the day of the draw while he was out getting some sodas at Abel's Quik Shop in Louisiana Missouri. He didn’t check the results of the Powerball draw until ten days later when he and his wife, Brandi, went back to the store to see If their ticket had won anything and it’s a moment he’ll never forget just like Arthur Martin from Virginia, USA, who had a $1m winning Powerball ticket for a week before discovering its true value."I handed the ticket to the clerk. He scanned it, and he told me that he couldn’t cash the ticket," explained McGuire. “I told him, 'Well, if you can’t cash it, throw it away.’ He said, ‘No! You’re going to have to go to a lottery office to cash this. I can’t cash it." A man from Cork in Ireland threw away a €500,000 winning EuroMillions ticket before his wife rescued it.The numbers drawn out in the April 4 Powerball draw were 08-24-42-54-64 and the Powerball 24. The lucky player’s ticket had matched four of the main balls to win $50,000. It’s the latest big win in the state of Missouri after Mark Weatherspoon won $1m playing the Powerball draw.The delighted Powerball winner plans on using some of his windfall to pay off his debts. A family holiday is also on his shopping list, but unlike $1m Lotto Max winner Susan Titus from Canada, who went to the Rockies, Kenny wants to take his family to Six Flags in St Louis.He also wants to give a small share of his Powerball winnings to the clerk who sold him his ticket. That’s just what happened in Loughborough, England, when a £74,900 UK Lotto winner gave the staff of the shop where he purchased his winning ticket £1,000.Don't wait any longer and purchase your tickets online at, the next winner could be you!