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£61 million EuroMillions winner will camp in a muddy field
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The British family who won £61 million on the EuroMillions lottery last week have jetted off together on a luxury holiday, but one of them has promised her friends she’ll ditch it for a muddy music festival.Courtney Davies, 19, won the £61 million in a lottery syndicate together with her mum, stepdad and sister, and while the three of them, plus her sister’s boyfriend, all jetted off on holiday after announcing themselves as the winners of the huge lottery prize, Courtney admitted she would only be joining them for a portion of the holiday. In fact, she promised her friends that she’ll be leaving the family holiday early to join them at a music festival where they’ll be camping in tents set up in fields. A couple of lottery winners from earlier this year spoke of their love for camping despite scoring almost £200,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery.The family took themselves to the airport the day after they claimed their £61 million EuroMillions win and set off to a mystery destination, but Courtney’s next destination is much less mysterious, as she’ll be spending next weekend in Winchester at the BoomTown Fair. One of her friends told a national newspaper that Courtney is a big fan of music festivals, “but she’ll be the only millionaire there in a tent and drinking cider.” The friend added that the win couldn’t have happened to a nicer and more deserving family, and that they are all willing their new found fortune not to change them, just like another British teenage EuroMillions winner who said her £1 million win had not changed her life at all.Apparently, Courtney is determined to finish her degree, similarly to a Chicago teenager who won $4 million on a scratch card on her birthday, and remain as down to earth as she can, with friends admitting that the teenager initially worried about the cost of the £170 BoomTown music festival ticket as she was paying for it out of her student loan. However, despite the fact that she’s now a millionaire it seems that the windfall hasn’t changed her frugal ways, as when she was quizzed over how she’d spend her share of the winnings the 19 year old said she was looking forward to buying herself an electric toothbrush. “The ciders will be on her,” one of her friends said about the upcoming music festival.To be in with a chance of winning, play EuroMillions online at