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Lucky Ten Win $5.9m Classic Lotto Jackpot
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Lucky Ten Win $5.9m Classic Lotto Jackpot

Do you have faith in the numbers that you use for lottery draws? Well, a group of ten public employees from Ohio, USA, did. They’ve been using the same set of numbers for 16 years and finally, they’ve won a $5.9 million Classic Lotto jackpot in the draw held on November 30.

It’s no wonder that they call themselves ‘the Lucky Ten’ and that long wait for a major success has finally come along. The lucky winners haven’t revealed where they work in Northeast Ohio. When given the choice of receiving their Lotto win as an annuity or a one-off lump sum payment, they chose the latter.

The decision means they will receive a cash payment of $2.9 million, which is subject to 28% state and federal taxes. That leaves $2.124m, so each of the Lucky Ten will end up with $212,400 thanks to their Classic Lotto win.

The Lucky Ten love playing lotteries every week. They also try their luck on games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. It was a ticket purchased from the Convenient Food Mart in Euclid, that won them their great prize.

Is he telling the truth?

One of the group members recalled the moment when they told the others of their Classic Lotto jackpot. “I called group together to tell them, and I wanted to see their facial expressions.” He received a common reaction when people have been told they’ve won the lottery. “They thought I was lying!” he said.

It was 16 years ago when the syndicate was formed. They bought an auto pick ticket and have played those numbers ever since. Finally, 08-13-18-26-33-39 hit the jackpot for the syndicate in the November 30 Classic Lotto draw.

Mega Millions Next

It’s not their first big win though. Those lucky numbers also won them a $2,000 prize recently. “We were just building up to the big one,” said the Lucky Ten group member. They won’t be giving up on them now though and will continue to use them for future lotto draws. “We’re hoping for Mega Millions next,” he joked.

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