$685m Powerball Jackpot Tomorrow after Christmas Day Rollover

$685m Powerball Jackpot Tomorrow after Christmas Day Rollover

$685m Powerball Jackpot Tomorrow after Christmas Day Rollover

Christmas Day was a special one for millions of people around the world. However, it did not deliver us a Powerball jackpot winner.

No tickets were able to land the top prize of $638 million in Monday’s Powerball draw. There were five tickets that were able to win the second-tier prize. That means their owners became millionaires on Christmas Day.

Massive jackpot

The rollover means on Wednesday the jackpot will be a bumper $685 million. It’s the fourth time in 2023 that the Powerball jackpot has risen over half a billion dollars.

People will be rushing to buy tickets for Wednesday’s Powerball draw. Make sure you buy one from Lottery24, it might just be the jackpot winner. Perhaps even buy two tickets?

Double success

Timothy Emerick from North Carolina, USA, bought two tickets for the December 13 Powerball draw, though not intentionally.  Incredibly, both of them won $100,000 and the winner showed just how generous a person he is.

The lucky Powerball player says he will give one of his prizes to his twin brother. It’s his way of giving back to someone who has helped him so much in the past. “Over the years whenever I’ve needed him he’s been there,” he commented.

He’s only just moved to North Carolina so that he can be nearer to his beloved brother. The Powerball player added: “I think he’d do the same thing if the situation was reversed.”  A Canadian couple recently  bought two Lotto 6/49 tickets by mistake and won a $3.33 million jackpot .

How did he make such a lucrative error? He bought his Powerball tickets from BJ’s Wholesale Club in Garner which is where he works. It was a fellow staff member who served him and accidentally printed a couple of tickets that both had the same selection of numbers. Mr Emerick decided to buy them both and what a great move that proved to be.

After payment of taxes, he took home $71,251. The Powerball windfall will be used to pay some bills. Maybe he’ll have even more luck on Wednesday and go one better and land the jackpot this time.

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