$70 million Lotto Max Falls Off his Chair In Shock

$70 million Lotto Max Falls Off his Chair In Shock

$70 million Lotto Max Falls Off his Chair In Shock

How would you react if you saw $70 million in your bank account? Greg Chialtas from Toronto, Canada fell off his chair when the amount he won in the April 19 Lotto Max draw showed up in his account.

He had some warning though because a lottery official had told him about his fantastic win. The official joked that the amount would “look like an international phone number.” Mr Chialtas took a look, began to swear and his hands started to shake. Then he fell off his chair and couldn’t stop laughing.

Speaking about his Lotto Max win, the single father said that his winning numbers were all special to himself and his family. His winning ticket had been purchased while out buying some groceries.

There’s no need for him to quit his job as he recently retired as a public servant but has had health problems in the past few months.

When he saw the Lotto Max results, he wasn’t sure he’d really won. He called a friend and asked him to check the numbers for him.


With his Lotto Max win confirmed, he spoke to his family on Facetime. Getting them to believe he’d just won the jackpot wasn’t an easy task. Eventually they realised that he was telling them the truth.

The Lotto Max winner doesn’t intend going out and “buying stuff” with his $70 million.  He wants to help his family and work out how “we can make memories that can last each of us a lifetime.”  Brian Hoover from Canada also won a $70 million Lotto Max prize.

Helping others

Some travelling is planned and he aims to ensure his children complete their education. Helping his family is important to him and he plans on buying some cars and homes for them. Also planned is helping his local community.

“There’s a lot of good that I have to do — not just want to do, I have to,” said the Lotto Max winner.  As a family. As a unit. And we have the privilege to do it, so why not.”

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