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$7.3m New Zealand Powerball Winner Keeps Big Secret
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$7.3m New Zealand Powerball Winner Keeps Big Secret

How would you react if you became a lottery millionaire? A man from Timaru in New Zealand won a $7.3 million Powerball prize and just went shopping as if nothing had happened and didn’t even tell his family.

His ticket was one of two that managed to match the required numbers in the July 23 New Zealand Powerball draw. One piece of advice given to big lottery winners is not to immediately tell everyone about the windfall. That is easier said than done though.

This winner said of his New Zealand Powerball win that “you dream of this moment all your life.” However, he added: “I never realized how difficult it would be to not shout it from the rooftops.”

Keeping a big secret

His big win will be used to help his family but he hadn’t even told them about his New Zealand Powerball jackpot win. “I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when I share the news,” he said.

He has asked to remain anonymous but said that he was finding it hard to believe what had happened was true. It most certainly was though and he recalled the moment his New Zealand Powerball win was discovered.

It was the day after the draw when he decided to see if his ticket had won anything. “I watched my ticket as one number circled, then two, three and four, until all of the numbers were staring back at me,” he said.

“I couldn't believe it, I sat bolt upright and kept saying 'oh my goodness' over and over – you never think it's going to be you."

In all, he won a fantastic $7,333,333 but then just carried on his day as planned. He did his Sunday chores but all the time was struggling to keep the news to himself.

Travel Galore

The jackpot win will also be used to take trips overseas. Before that though, he wants to take a scenic flight around the South Island of New Zealand. The other winning ticket was sold in Auckland.

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