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A new car and holidays lined up after £30,000 People’s Postcode Lottery win
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Letitia Appleton and Janice Ward from Glencairn Road in Greenock, Scotland are celebrating after they both won £30,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery draw on Sunday April 29.Letitia, 47, only moved into Glencairn Road but the postcode PA16 0ND gave her a big win. She describes her People’s Postcode Lottery win as "amazing." When hearing about her good luck, neither she or her husband, Graeme, was sure how much they had won just like Cindy and Steve Ooley from Fishers in Indiana, USA, who thought they had won $1,000 but it turned out to be a $1m.Powerball win.Neither imagined it would be as much as £30,000. The delighted People’s Postcode Lottery winner joked, "We’ll definitely be having a wee glass of champagne to celebrate." That’s unlike English couple Alan and Marjorie Tyrie who had a cup of tea after discovering they had won a £1m UK Lotto prize. Callum Fitzpatrick from Ballymartin in Northern Ireland was only 16 when winning £390,643 playing UK Lotto so had to celebrate with an orange juice.Now she plans to spend her People’s Postcode Lottery winnings on a new car and a holiday. Mrs Appleton has her eye on a Volkswagen Golf or an Audi. Perhaps she should take some advice from £247,513 EuroMillions winner Andrew Nabb from Bury, England who bought an Audi 3 after his big win.As for the holiday, it looks as if the People’s Postcode Lottery winner fancies going to Madeira. Above anything though, Letitia is delighted that after her win, "It’s great knowing I won’t need to worry about paying anything off now."Also celebrating is Janice Ward, 50, who plans to spend some of her People’s Postcode Lottery windfall on the trip of a lifetime. "I’ve never had this much money before – it’s life-changing for me." She now can’t wait to head to America and go to New York. That’s also where fellow Scot Anita Reid wanted to go after her £186,128.50 EuroMillions win. Peter and Diane Clegg from Barnsley in Yorkshire, England won a £450,000 People’s Postcode Lottery prize and headed off to Florida, USA.TV presenter Jeff Brazier, People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador, congratulated the pair saying: "It’s been an absolute pleasure to come to Greenock and present Letitia and Janice with their cheques. I’m thrilled for them both and hope they enjoy spending it."Try your luck at the lottery game and purchase your tickets online at