Accidental Purchase Wins $3 million Oz Lotto Jackpot

Accidental Purchase Wins $3 million Oz Lotto Jackpot

Accidental Purchase Wins $3 million Oz Lotto Jackpot

There are so many lotteries these days so it’s excusable if you get a bit confused. That happened to a woman from Taree in New South Wales, Australia. Her mistake of buying a ticket for the wrong lottery ended with her winning a $3 million Oz Lotto jackpot.

The winner has asked to remain anonymous but we do know she’s a mother and incredibly lucky. Her success came in the January 10 Oz Lotto draw but that wasn’t what she originally had planned.

Her visit to the CTC Tobacco Shop in Taree was intended to see her buy a lottery ticket but not one for the Oz Lotto. However, an “unbelievable” lucky break saw her accidentally buy a ticket for that lottery. Instead of asking for a ticket for Wednesday’s draw, she for some reason asked for a ticket for Tuesday’s drawing.

She decided to “hold onto it” because it might just be a winner. No wonder the Taree resident remarked “I’m glad I did now.”

Another mistake?

“It's unbelievable. It's an extraordinary amount of money,' said the lucky winner. When discovering her accidental purchase had won the $3 million Oz Lotto jackpot, she believed another mistake may have occurred. After all, such wins happen to other people.

Once the win was discovered, getting a good night’s sleep was out of the question. The Oz Lotto winner joked that she’d probably only ever bought two tickets for that lottery in all her life.

Plans for her Oz Lotto win include paying for home renovations. Also planned is to use her windfall to set up her family for the rest of their lives.


The owner of the CTC Tobacco Shop is Paul Rayment. He was understandably delighted that his store had sold a division one winning ticket, even if it was by accident. He described the news as “awesome.”  

The shop owner added: “That's the first one for us and it's great to have one under our belt. Here’s to many more big wins for our customers.”

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