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Anonymity and the EuroJackpot
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The EuroJackpot lottery has become a popular Euro-wide lotto which has changed literally thousands of people's lives by making them super rich! However, not all winners publicly come forward, since the distressing stories of begging letters and blackmail that have befallen many US lotto winners who went public has forced many lottery winners to remain anonymous.The EuroJackpot draws are no different, as there have been hundreds who have remained anonymous whilst winning big prizes. There are great examples of claimants of EuroJackpot winnings who have won big, but remained silent on their identities. Let's look at some of the biggest and smallest EuroJackpot jackpot winners who have remained anonymous.One lucky Irishman scooped a spectacular 25,6 million euros on the EuroJackpot lottery. The lucky Munster resident, according to the Irish Post, has purportedly purchased a 3 million euro mansion outside of Cork city.Another notable unnamed EuroJackpot winner is a fifty-year old Danish businessman, who wanted to remain unknown. He won 135 million euros. He is a father of two and lives in Copenhagen. In a private press meeting, the winner - who asked to be anonymous - told reporters he was going to exchange his Danish apartment for a French Riviera home - or two.Finally, we have one unknown winner who nearly failed to claim his jackpot. The winner, a German national living in Munich, won 19 million euros. The man, according to German tabloids, an accountant, has vowed to continue working - whilst spending a bit of his winnings on having a little more fun in life.So, as these lucky EuroJackpot winners have shown, big glitzy cheques and bottles of champagne in front of the press isn't the only way to enjoy being a EuroJackpot lotto winner.No matter how you decide to celebrate your windfall, go for it and purchase your EuroJackpot tickets online at